Chocolate Fountain Machine

Want the perfect dessert for your next event? Rent a chocolate fountain from Fun Events and simply take care of the fruit! Our large chocolate fountain will provide decadence for up to 300. Put a touch of flair and sweetness to your next event!

Cotton Candy Machine

Treat your guests with everyone’s favorite pastime! Cotton Candy is simple and unique! Fun Events carries the fastest producing machines.

Snowcone Machine

No one can resist the cool, crunchy ice and intense flavor rush of a sno-kone on a hot day! This machine will crush the ice as fast as you can load it in the! The door on operator's side of this Sno-Kone machine allows for easy access to the ice. Fun Events Sno-Kone Machines are durable and easy to clean. A built-in slanted drain deck helps drain away melted ice from the good ice to extend its shelf life. Features a large, clear serving compartment that highlights fresh ice for increased appeal

Hotdog Machine

Hot dog steamers are the most popular way to cook hot dogs because they are inexpensive to rent, have a high capacity output, are very easy to use and also easy to clean!

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine rentals aren’t just for carnivals and circus-theme parties (but they are a necessity at these types of events)! Our customers rent popcorn machines for a wide range of special events, from sport days to school functions to birthday parties and family reunions. They’re practical and so much fun.